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Look Before You Leap

The sword was drawn. I was ready to bring it metaphorically down on the neck of the sneeringly unhelpful tourist board of a city we’re due to visit later this year.

What did they mean they didn’t see how they would benefit from working with us? We specialise in outdoor activities and gastronomy and they took pride in being a hiking destination. In theory we were a perfect match.
We were outraged at being dismissed so out of hand, especially as we were only going to the area  for work purposes; to gather marketing information.

It was going to take a lot for the place to enchant us if its residents were all as offhand as the representative from their tourist board.

As I was prepped to write how short-sighted and unhelpful these people were, we double checked the contact details we’d been given.

Not the tourist board at all, but a private company.

The sword was humbly put back in its sheath when the real tourist board replied with enthusiasm, and extreme friendliness, less than twenty minutes after the original email was re-routed from the private travel company to them.

A little reminder to always, always check the facts one more time before leaping wildly into battle and badmouthing some poor, innocent victim… especially when they turn out to be rather lovely.