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Squid on a Slate

I don’t care what anyone says, I don’t have a problem with food on a slate, especially when it’s as good as these tiny squid in batter. Squid on a slate

The Poor European

The Belgian boy looked up from his iPhone just as a woman wearing flip flops on her feet walked past. Balanced on her head was a cane basket filled with fruit and vegetables. She was walking miles to the next village to trade her wares.

The boy shook his head.

“So sad to see such poor people. They have nothing and yet they still smile.”

The guide laughed.

“When she is hungry, she has fresh fruit and vegetables to eat,” he nodded at the phone. “Will that fill your stomach when you feel hunger? Tell me, who is the richer person on this path?”

5:2 Diet Recipe Rating, Mexican Bean Burgers

These spicy Mexican bean burgers have become a favourite. Tasty enough to eat on non-fast days when they can be bumped up with even more cheese than the fast day allows.

Rating: 459 calories with a bun, halloumi, guacamole and salad. We swap the bun for a homemade flatbread; the halloumi for a sprinkling of cheddar and forget the guacamole so it comes in at a lot less. The beans make it reasonably filling. A came up with the genius idea of cutting the flatbread in two so that we get to eat two stuffed flatbreads. It’s a psychological boost.

Why I Photograph My Food

Some folks on social media regularly ask why anyone would photograph what they eat for lunch, dinner, snacks etc.

There are two simple answers to this question.

The first is if you have to ask, you’re not a foodie so you’ll never understand.

The second is beouf au gratin, or French shepherds’ pie if we’re not wanting to sound pretentious.

Beouf au gratin

If I hadn’t photographed French shepherd’s pie the last time we ate it I wouldn’t have stumbled upon it whilst looking for a particular food photograph and would have completely forgotten how good it was. What’s more, we wouldn’t have devoured it with orgasmic pleasure last night.

It is that simple.