Political Platitudes For Sale

Just watched the West Wing episode (again) where Josh Lyman makes the mistake of going online to debate with ‘ordinary people’ who don’t really understand what they’re writing about. It was a timely reminder about the perils (and waste of time) when it comes to leaving comments on threads of those who are a bit dodgy (in a number of ways) and aren’t interested in facts.

There’s a shop somewhere selling political platitudes. A place where people can buy off the shelf phrases.
“Can I help you sir?”
“Yes I don’t like the look of that scruffy bugger. I’m not sure what he stands for or what party he’s in but he’s not nice and neat like Mr Cameron or that other smart little fellow from a few years back… Adolf somebody.”
“Ah yes, I know exactly what you want. We’re doing a deal, you can have ‘left wing nutter’, ‘socialist dinosaur’ and ‘unelectable joke’ all for the price of one.”
“Sounds good to me. And I won’t sound stupid? Nobody will spot I haven’t actually read anything more than a headline if I put these on my facebook page?”
“I wouldn’t worry about that sir, none of our tens of thousands of other customers do.”

Incidentally  VP John Hoynes is the worst alcoholic in history.


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