The Josh Lyman Directive

Too often when I enter murky facebook or Twitter waters I am faced with the equivalent of pub bores shouting offensive statements in my face.

The worst offenders seem to be those who have the most time on their hands to cultivate the art of being boorish pricks. This means that you will never, ever beat them as they can invest all of their energy in drawing you into and then trapping you in their twisted, ugly world.

The Josh Lynam directive is that even though they try to lure you in with outrageous, misinformed and offensive posts and comments (they will invade your space at the slightest chance) you have to stay strong and resist. No matter how much you want to fight and challenge vile spewings, you can never, ever comment. To do so is to lose. They thrive on your company. They don’t want to learn or really debate. They want to batter you with uninformed opinions until they suck the will to live from your very soul.

Where do they find the time? It’s as if they have no friends, or life outside of cyberspace.

Josh Lyman discovered the hard way it was pointless, even dangerous, to engage with these creatures. He suffered so that the rest of us could learn from his mistakes (even though if he had listened to Donna he wouldn’t have made the mistake of engaging in the first place).


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