They Really do Wear Dirndls

… And Lederhosen.

I’m Scottish. I have a kilt. But I don’t wear it for everyday use.

In Austria they really do wear dirndls and lederhosen, casually – like the way I’d just throw on a tee-shirt and jeans. Well, maybe not jeans. For some reason they make my legs look ridiculously short. But you get what I’m saying.

There are people in lederhosen and dirndls everywhere. The dirndl can be quite alluring (I can’t see one without thinking of jugs of foaming beer so it has a positive connection), but I just can’t see the attraction of a man wearing shorts with braces, even if they are suede or leather. And this is from someone who’ll happily wear a ‘skirt’ without thinking twice about it.

Dirndls and lederhosen, Bad Ischl, Austria

I was lucky enough to see a whole army of dirndl and lederhosen wearing locals, presumably in their posh versions for a wedding. But I’m kicking myself that I was too slow getting the camera out and so missed the best lederhosen photo opportunity I’m ever likely to get.

A lederhosen-wearing teen shot past me on a skateboard.

A lederhosen wearing skater boy.  He actually made wearing lederhosen seem borderline cool.


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