Twelve Nights in Italy, Everything is Orange

The food is excellent. My sun-dried lake sardines, basking below three mini polenta towers, look and taste wonderful. I want to photograph them.

There’s just one problem. They’re bathed in a neon orange glow.

No matter what I do with the white balance, the result is the same. In-your-face neon orange.

It’s not only my sardines. Everything is DayGlo.

The people in pole position at the tables beside the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lake are as orange as my sardines.

It is quite the most bizarre restaurant lighting I’ve ever witnessed.

A series of spots along the ceiling are the culprits, casting their disco glow across the whole scene.

Is it meant to be warming? Romantic? Calming?

Who knows? In truth I feel pretty calm even though all my photos are orange.

Beyond the windows lies a land that is totally blue.

Blue and orange world

Although it’s potentially disturbing that the world has been reduced to two-tone, it’s still rather comforting to be able to see another colour that isn’t orange.

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