Twelve Nights in Italy, The Hotel Had Good Views…

The hotel had good views. Which was just as well as looking inwards was depressing enough to set off a medley of country & western songs in my head.

Vesio, Lake Garda

Our room was stuck in 1970s blandsville. The d├ęcor was bland and the furnishings made by the most bored carpenter in ‘create it out of a pack’ land. As for the village, the only store closed at 7.30pm… on a Saturday night.

Not only that, the hotel insisted half board guest ate dinner before 8pm so they could concentrate on the ‘real’ diners in the restaurant. Second class citizen much.

To be fair, the food was decent even though it felt as though the waiter was trying to break some sort of record for dishing up three courses as rapido as possible.

First thing in the morning we were out of there even faster than the speed at which the waiter had brought us the three cheese ravioli the previous night.

Arrivederci Vesio, you were an Italian blip.


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