Starting the 5:2 Diet

Why we started the 5:2 Diet.

France. France was to blame. Too much cheese and wine and not enough challenging walks.

Then there were a load of gourmet gastronomic events.

Result – an unpleasant thickening of the waist and other bits.

So the 5:2 diet was started. 5 days eating more or less normally, two days fasting. Fasting really meant eating a quarter of our normal intake. The two days could be any days we’d like. We could chop and change them to suit.

It sounded like the sort of diet that wouldn’t have us wondering where the fun in life had gone.

And the recipes sounded half decent.

It has been a revelation. Motivation is up and stomach size is down.

My mother warned my legs would become too skinny. Her concerns have so far proved unfounded.

I miss the wine on fast days though.

5.2 Diet recipes

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